TM9-2800 info

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TM # Application Availability
TM 10-1468 Cargo, Nash, Parts & maintenance
TM 10-1469
TM 10-1470
TM 10-1471 Parts list and maintenance manual for BEN-HUR MFG. CO 5/1942 Portrayal 
TM9-883 Technical Manual 1 Ton, 2-Wheel Cargo and Water Trailers. 8/1943 (prepared with the cooperation of the Ben Hur Mfg. Company Portrayal
ORD9-G518  Cargo Trailer Parts 47 pgs ???? Portrayal
ORD9-G527 Water Tank 250 Gal. Parts 56 pgs ???? Portrayal
TM-1212 Water trailer, 250 Gal. Ben Hur, Parts and Maintenance 17 pgs Portrayal
TM9-8250 Postwar (1956) manual on 1 ton trailer oper. & repair 121 pgs Portrayal
TM10-1395 Checker Cab 250 gal. Water Buffalo

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