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Pictures of owners CCKW's Before and After restoration



Jimhudson1.jpg (37652 bytes)

Owned by Jim Hudson

Jim Hudson's Betty Boop

earlyannie1.JPG (75436 bytes)

anniethecrane.JPG (47872 bytes)

Bantam-Schield Crane owned by Steve Keith

 "Annie" after her face lift

353thomasbefore1.jpg (91283 bytes)

353thomasafter1.jpg (52646 bytes)

353 Cargo owned by Chris Thomas

mendes2.JPG (44642 bytes)

mendes3.JPG (58471 bytes)

353 (former van body chassis) owned  by Fernando Mendes, Brazil

cjstratton3.JPG (31643 bytes) cjstratton1.JPG (37592 bytes)

owned by Chris & Jason Stratton, England

cckw744-2.jpg (70362 bytes) doc_c47-1.JPG (48314 bytes)
Owned by Colin "Doc" Britton, Ft. Bragg, NC
bates_before1.JPG (37878 bytes) bates_after1.JPG (54409 bytes)
Owned by Greg Bates, Blackwater, Missouri

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