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Submitted pictures of Owners 352 CCKWs

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Posted in the order they were received

joel_032.jpg (62081 bytes)

Current owner unknown.

owned by Joel Gopan

adris_rens_low1.JPG (74568 bytes)


Dichler_04_low.JPG (75840 bytes) 

owned by Adrie Rens, Sprundel  NL

owned by Colin Dichler, United Kingdom

nick_bombini_1.JPG (30317 bytes)

rselles1.JPG (53153 bytes)

.owned by Nick Bombini, Madera, California

owned by Rolland Selles, France

jan_vobora1_low.JPG (78522 bytes)

Jan_Torrekens1_low.JPG (74471 bytes)

owned by 4th Armored Div reenactment group, Czech Republic.

 owned by Jan Torrekens, Belgium

Mikael_stenberg_2.jpg (75521 bytes)

mickmoore11_low.JPG (91190 bytes)

owned by Mikael Stenberg, Sweden

owned by Mick Moore, Indiana

Kemble_2005_16.jpg (44209 bytes) RVSCHAIK1low.JPG (70731 bytes)

owned by Adam Burton, Wiltshire, UK

owned by Richard van Schaik, Netherlands

thierry2.jpg (14723 bytes)

peter_stern_low.JPG (276287 bytes)

owned by Thierry Becker, France

owned by Peter Stern, Austria

martin_colliins1.jpg (28114 bytes)

maurice_robens_1.JPG (63856 bytes)

owned by Martin Collins, United Kingdom

owned by Maurice Robens, Belgium

schmitzer_1_low.JPG (53272 bytes)

jan.torrekens_01.jpg (64552 bytes)

owned by Harald Schmitzer, Austria

owned by Jan Torrekens, Belgium

lloyd_white_001.jpg (45155 bytes)
owned by Lloyd White, Oregon City, Oregon

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