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Recently I had a Ben Hur Tarpaulin made for my trailer by New Life Canvas of New Prague, Minnesota. I believe that this is one of the first Ben Hur Covers that the new owner, Mona, has made. I am very happy with the results. It is very well stitched, has reinforcements in all the proper places and was very affordable. New Life Canvas can be reached at http://www.newlifecanvas.com

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Please note that the wrinkles in the cover are from the fact that I took it out of the package 15 minutes before taking these pictures. After a day or so the wrinkles disappeared.

August 2008: It has been more than a year since I posted this up on the web page. I have received 2 requests soliciting my experience with the New LIfe Tarpaulin.

The wood Ben Hur that this is mounted on has been to many shows since the cover was received. It continues to look and perform as good as the day it was new. The wrinkles from packaging have all come out and the cover looks superb. 

 As far as quality of construction no threads have pulled and the stitching remains intact. The worst thing for a canvas is for it to sit outside all the time in the elements. This does not stay outside so I am unable to address constant weathering. It remains in an unheated  garage both Winter and summer.

 As for use and abuse it has been towed (on a goose neck trailer) at speeds over 65 mph and has gotten wet both while on the trailer and on display. There are no ill effects from this occasional stress and the tarp remains waterproof.

The leather straps are wearing well and look identical to the original type which I have on my other Ben Hur cover.

The only minor issue I have is that the rope ties are too short. I have an original 50's manufacture G-516 cover, that was gracious sold to me by the CCKW collector, Mr. Gopan of Maine. The rope ties on that cover are about 9 inches longer than the ties provide by New Life. When tying to some of the side rings the New Life ropes come up short. 6 inches more would make all the difference.

In short...with all the covers available out there, most being priced higher, this Ben Hur Tarpaulin from New Life Canvas is your best bet for your hard earned money.



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