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Click here to view a great Flash Video and song as a tribute to our WWII vets.


Great GMC/CCKW/Chevy Links

Vehicle Reference Sites
Military Army Fire Trucks  www.armyfiretrucks.com
Ted Heinbuch's Fire Trucks at War an excellent Military Fire Truck Site
The "Deuce and a half Global Register"
Ron Perry's "Wheels of Victory"
Jack's Historic Military Vehicle Forum  from the UK
Rolf's Message Board (Norway)
Rolf's Wehrmacht World War Wheels Message Board
Forum GMC France (in French)
Commercial Sites
Vehicles of Victory   www.vehiclesofvictory.com
Military Stencils by Rick Larsen...outstanding product 
Rex Ward's DUKW Parts
Military Vehicle Repair and Restoration, Inc.  www.mv-restoration.com
Military Vehicle Trust
WWII Impressions  great place for Reenacting Uniforms www.wwiiimpressions.com
Personal Sites
Dr. Deuce's Website  
Rik Gerard's CCKW Page (site only in Dutch)
Jaap Schröder, Harderwijk, The Netherlands CCKW Page (English Version Available)
Johan Edelhausen site (www.ww2vehiclesvideos.nl)
Jim Davis' site "Fire Fighters in Fatigues. Jim is a WW2 Combat Firefighter.
Thierry Becker's CCKW site
Reenacting Sites
Hardscrabble Farm   fantastic site with reenacting and other links from all conflicts
 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment
26th "Yankee Division" Reenactment Group New England USA
Museum Sites
Wright Museum, Wolfeboro, NH
Swords & Ploughshares Museum, Kars, Ontario Canada
Club Sites
Military Vehicle Preservation Association
Other Links
Before You Go a salute to WWII veterans

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